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  • Summer 2023 Membership Newsletter


    Business Manager’s Report


    Hello, Brothers and Sisters.


    I hope this Summer newsletter finds you and your families doing well. Your IBEW 584 leadership is continuing to make inroads at organizing work and advocating for workers in the halls of power.


    On that point, I’d like to report on a development at the Tulsa City Council. On June 21, District 5 Council Member Grant Miller made a motion that the council adopt a policy amending the Infrastructure Advisory Board for the city. Previously, the board was made up entirely of non-union representatives. Now, thanks to Council Member Miller’s service, the Oklahoma Building Trades has two dedicated seats on that board.


    The board makes non-binding recommendations to the Mayor and other city leaders about issues related to construction, highways, roads, power, and anything that helps the city function at the infrastructure level. It’s a huge win to have not just one but two spots allocated for the voice of Organized Labor in the City. The board carries a lot of weight in guiding city leaders’ decision-making processes. 


    Getting this was a fight. I spoke at the June 21st meeting, along with Oklahoma Building Trades Executive Director Curtis Chambers, and we fortunately made an effective case for why the unionized trades have the kind of expertise and craftsmanship to help build Tulsa. I reminded them that a vast majority – as much as 80% – of what you see in the downtown area and dotting the Tulsa skyline was created by skilled IBEW 584 members since the city’s founding.


    Speaking in opposition was a representative from the Associated Builders and Contractors. In addition, there were signs of a potential lack of commitment to workers from some members of the council. But talk is talk, and a vote is what counts. In the end, the board voted 7-0, with two abstentions, in favor of Miller’s proposal.


    We will have more to say about this as we move into fall. While it’s not a guarantee of jobs at the moment, it is a definite win for us, our trade, and our way of life. It may take some time to produce any results, but the alternative is status quo – and we can’t ignore that when we have so much to offer and are eager to get to work.


    And with that, I want to also offer a sincere and humble “thank you” for being elected to serve another term as Business Manager and Financial Secretary of this Local Union, which I love. You’ve put your trust in me to help deliver jobs and prosperity for you and your families, and I take that responsibility with great seriousness. Between beating the bush for jobs in Pryor, fighting for the TIF in 2022, advocating for worker-friendly government leaders, and making the case for companies like Panasonic, Canoo, and others to invest and put us to work, I’ve tried to do my best for your interests. Now, after all those “no’s”, after all those doors closed on us, and after months and months of waiting, we are looking like we may finally have some light close to home. I’ve been giving updates on the work picture at each and every Union meeting, so please make plans to attend and discuss with your Brothers and Sisters what we hope to see in the later part of the year. To be completely honest, it’s sometimes frustrating because there are potential jobs that we just can’t announce yet because of disclosure rules. I know you’ve been patient, and many have been hitting the road for a long time now – Please hang with us and have faith that something closer to home will play out. There’s a lot of potential work now that the Chips Act and the Infrastructure Reinvestment Act are starting to deliver the goods. The message we got at the 7th District Progress Meeting in June was that we might need to be ready to man up, and fast.


    While we certainly hope for that, hoping doesn’t provide a paycheck. That’s why we went to the city council, and why, as you’ll read in Organizer Marshall Lord’s report, we are working with the JATC to steer a sizable number of applicants to the apprenticeship at this time. Major contractors who will need hands want assurances that we can provide the manpower when needed. 


    Away from the jobsite, we have a fun and enjoyable slate of activities for you and your family starting in the early fall. We’ll be sponsoring a float in the Annual Labor Day Parade in Henryetta as we have done for nearly every year in memory. We also have our fourth Hall-O-Ween bash and our annual Christmas party coming up. See below for the most up-to-date details.


    Thank you for your trust and vote of confidence. And thank you for representing the best of what our trade and our Union has to offer out there on the jobsite and in the community. I look forward to seeing many of you at the next regularly scheduled Union meeting, Friday, August 4, 2023, at 7 pm at the Hall. As always, my office door is open for you, and you can always call me at (918) 960-4409 if you need anything.


    In solidarity,


    Dustin Phelan

    Business Manager / Financial Secretary

    IBEW Local Union 584


    Organizer’s Report


    Hello Brothers and Sisters,


    I hope you are having a good summer and getting to enjoy some time with your families, friends, and loved ones. I know many are still on the road and holding out hope for some more promising work closer to home. As Business Manager Phelan mentioned in his letter above, there are possibilities on the horizon and you bet we will be going after them once the picture gets clearer.


    One major thing we have been doing from an organizing perspective is to try to assist the JATC in building a deep bench for some potential – and promising – apprentice level work that may come as a result of all the national infrastructure reinvestment spending.


    Right now, there’s a contractor looking for assurances that IBEW can man up a big job with apprentices and sub-journeymen (and by extension, JWs too) when the time is right a few months down the line. Our task is to help build a list of potential members who can hit the job running while diving into the apprenticeship curriculum.


    Truth be told, it’s not the most perfect situation from where we sit. Contractors sometimes need to feel like they can confidently put in a bid knowing that the manpower is there when they need it. The flip side is that there’s no failsafe, 100% guarantee it will go through, which makes it a little bit like us playing poker while the dealer can see all of our cards.


    As organizers – and in some ways, each and every Brother and Sister of the IBEW is an organizer for our union – our task isn’t necessarily to go get the work. It’s to stand up for the rights and well-being of those doing the work. But we also recognize realities. We can’t advocate for good jobs when there simply are few jobs to be found. So if we, as workers, can help secure that employment, we’ll be better positioned to advocate and speak up for what we, as workers, need from our contractors.


    Know someone who’d make a great IBEW electrician? Invite them to call the JATC and get information about the Unionized construction career path.


    Thanks for what you do to help spread the word of the Union and our way of life.


    In solidarity,

    Marshall Lord

    Organizer, IBEW 584


    Fall and Winter 2023 IBEW 584 Event Calendar


    Labor Day Parade

    September 4


    The Labor Day Parade will be on Monday, September 4 in Henryetta, meeting at our usual place down by the tennis courts at 12th & Main.


    –Plan to arrive at 9:00 am, parade starts at 10 am.

    –Family friendly event, all ages are welcome. 

    –T-shirts will be provided to all who participate. 

    –After the parade, the Hall will be buying everyone a BBQ lunch being served at the City Hall Located at 4th & Broadway.



    October 21


    Our 4th Annual Hall-O-Ween celebration will be October 21st at the Union Hall. Please stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the date.


    Annual IBEW 584 Christmas Party

    December 9


    We are excited to see families on December 9, 2023, from 6-10 pm at 36th St. North Event Center, the same venue that hosted us last year. Details to follow.


    In Memoriam


    Robert "Bob" Matthew Anderson Jr.

    June 23, 1928 – May 3, 2023

    Card Number: E2839

    Death Benefit Number: 295


    The officers and staff of IBEW 584 regret to report the loss of Local Union Brother Robert “Bob” M. Anderson Jr., who passed away Wednesday, May 3, 2023. He was 94 years old.


    Brother Anderson was born June 23, 1928. He was initiated into the IBEW June 26, 1953 . Bob gave 39 years of service to the Unionized electrical industry before his retirement in July of 1992.


    He was preceded in death by his parents, Robert and Addie, three sisters, Betty, Merle, and Liz, grandson Shane Anderson and infant great- granddaughter Natalie Furman.


    He is survived by his three children, Dawson Wayne Anderson, Judith Hart, and Jack Anderson. He is also survived by five grandchildren, Kristal Shanahan, Andrew Hart, Jason Anderson, Katelyn Furman and Joshua Anderson.


    Bob bravely served his nation as a member of the United States Navy in the WWII Pacific Theatre.


    You can read a family tribute to Bob by clicking here: https://www.moweryfs.com/obituaries/Robert-Bob-Anderson-14/#!/Obituary


    During this time of loss, the entire membership of IBEW 584 extends our deep condolences and our prayers to the Anderson family, Bob’s friends and his loved ones.


    Franklin Russel Fasig, Jr.

    November 13, 1955 – April 15, 2023

    Card Number: D825389

    Death Benefit Number: 296


    IBEW 584 regrets to report the passing of Franklin Russel Fasig, Jr., Local Union Brother, who passed away Saturday, April 15, 2023, at the age of 67.


    Frank was born November 13, 1955. He was initiated into the IBEW February 1, 1990 and he enjoyed 25 years in the Union as a well-trained and dedicated electrician before his retirement in September of 2015.


    Brother Fasig is survived by wife Karen; son, Russell; daughters, Stephanie and Kelsey; two grandsons, Gavin and Mason; great-granddaughter, Evelyn; sister, Susan Smeal; and nieces, Heather May and Christie Smeal 


    He was preceded in death by both parents, Franklin and Celestine Fasig.


    To read a family tribute, please click here: https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/name/franklin-fasig-obituary?id=51664086


    The officers, staff and entire membership of IBEW Local Union 584 offer our hearts and our prayers to Brother Fasig’s friends, family, and loved ones during this time of bereavement.


    Barry Dotson

    September 11, 1933 – April 5, 2023

    Card Number: D288919

    Death Benefit Number: 297


    The officers, staff, and membership of IBEW 584 are saddened to share the news of the loss of Local Union Brother Barry Dotson, who left this world Friday April 5, 2023. He was 89 years old.


    Barry was born September 11, 1933. He enjoyed 37 years in the Unionized construction industry, having initiated into the Brotherhood on December 11, 1964. Following his career, he retired in February of 2001.


    Brother Dotson is survived by his son, Jason Dotson and his wife Tanya; and grandchildren Meghan Dotson, Jensyn Rhodes, and Jace Dotson.


    Brother Dotson proudly served his nation as a member of the United States Air Force.


    During this time of bereavement, the IBEW 584 Brothers and Sisters wish to extend our hearts and our prayers to the Dotson family, Barry’s friends, and his loved ones.


    Gary McElmurry

    October 23, 1953 – June 14, 2023

    Card Number: A260248

    Death Benefit Number: 298


    The officers and staff of IBEW 584 regret to report the passing of Local Union Brother Gary McElmurry, who passed Wednesday, June 14, 2023. He was 69 years old.


    Gary was born October 23, 1953 in Muskogee. He was initiated into the IBEW August 1, 2001. A dedicated tradesman, Gary was a skilled Journeyman who mastered his craft after having already worked in careers such as installing HVAC and driving trucks nationwide. He retired from the tools in January of 2023.


    Brother McElmurry is survived by his loving wife, Connie Lea McElmurry (Hopkins) of Wagoner, OK; son, Gary L. Jr (Sheila) of Wagoner, OK; daughter, Lyn (Dustin) of Porter, OK; his mom, Gwen Roden of Broken Arrow, OK; brother Stanley McElmurry of Broken Arrow, OK; and sister, Gail Curtsinger (McElmurry) of Portugal; his grandchildren Jaime (Andrew) of Broken Arrow, OK, Elijah (Jaimee) of Coweta, OK, Tristan (Jenny) of Muskogee, OK, Bryce of Muskogee, OK, Dalton (Kelsie) of Muskogee, OK, Wyatt of Wagoner, OK, Blake of Muskogee, OK, and Kody, Carin, Clair, Cyle Cash, Ashley, Brandon, Austin, and Easton all of Porter, OK; 15 great-grandchildren; and 1 great-great-granddaughter. 


    He was preceded in death by his son, Brian Gregory; dad, Harold L. Sr.; brothers, Harold L. Jr. and Eulis; nephew, Harold L. III; paternal grandparents, John and Eva McElmurry; maternal grandparents, Ira and Pearl Cordell; in-laws, George and Janeth Hopkins; and special sister-in-law, Kay Hopkins.


    To read a family tribute, please click here: https://www.cornerstoneofmuskogee.com/obituaries/Gary-Mcelmurry/#!/Obituary


    During this time of loss, the entire membership of IBEW 584 extends our deep condolences and our prayers to the McElmurry family, Gary’s friends, and his loved ones.


    Brian Kent Edmondson

    March 12, 1959 – June 12, 2023

    Card Number: 7131925

    Death Benefit Number: 299


    We are saddened to share the news of the loss of Brian Edmondson, IBEW Local 584 Union Brother, who departed us Monday June 12, 2023 at the age of 64.


    Brian was born March 12, 1959. A Tulsa resident, Brother Edmondson was initiated into the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers on April 1, 2005. He devoted 18 years to his craft and his profession prior to his passing.


    Brian is survived by his wife, Peggy Edmondson, and his stepson, Erick. 


    He was preceded in death by his mother Rosella Felt. 


    To read a family tribute, please click here: https://www.hopkinsreynoldsfs.com/obituary/Brian-Edmondson


    During this season of loss, the membership, officers and staff of IBEW Local Union 584 wish to offer prayers and condolences to Brian’s family, his many friends, and his loved ones.


    Hart Holtz

    May 11, 1941 – June 24, 2023

    Card Number: D261283

    Death Benefit Number: 300


    IBEW 584’s staff and officers are saddened to share the news of the passing of Local Union Brother Hart Holtz, who passed away on June 24, 2023, at the age of 82.


    Hartmut was born May 11, 1941 and was initiated into the Brotherhood on February 1, 1965. He enjoyed a long career spanning 47 years and was dedicated to his trade and to his Union. Brother Holtz retired in May of 2012.


    He was predeceased by: his parents, Johann Detlev Holtz and Marie-Louise Woodruff; and his brother, Hans-Dietrich Holtz. 


    He is survived by : his wife Theresa Holtz; his sons, Todd Holtz (Betsie), Boomer Holtz (Beverly) and Art Holtz; his sister Irmgard Cate (Don); his grandchildren, James Holtz, Ian Holtz, Chris Moore, Cody Moore, Lorna and Bridget Darling; his nieces, Anita, Susan and Heidi; and his nephew Steven.


    To read a family tribute, please click here: https://www.stumpff.org/obituaries/Hartmut-Holtz/#!/Obituary


    The membership, staff, and officers of IBEW Local Union 584 wish to extend our deep condolences and our hearts to Brother Holtz’ family, friends, and loved ones during this time of loss.


    David Hartshorne, Jr.

    January 3, 1960 – June 27, 2023

    Card Number: D627958

    Death Benefit Number: 301


    The officers and staff of IBEW 584 regret to report the passing of Local Union Brother David Hartshorne, Jr., who passed away Tuesday, June 27, 2023. He was 63 years old.


    Brother Hartshorne was born January 3, 1960. He was initiated into the IBEW August 1, 1980. A dedicated tradesman, he gave 43 years of service to the Unionized electrical industry before his passing in June.


    He is survived by: Dean Hartshorne, brother, and his wife Cristina Hartshorne; Dale Hartshorne, brother, and his wife Sheri Hartshorne; Maghen, Amanda & Anna Hartshorne, nieces; Vonda Hartshorne, stepmother; Cheryl Hartshorne, stepsister; and Kevin Hartshorne, stepbrother.


    He is proceeded in death by: Toni C. Hartshorne, mother; David L. Hartshorne, father; and Julie Evans Byford, stepsister.


    During this time of loss, the entire membership of IBEW 1141 extends our deep condolences and our prayers to the Hartshorne family, David’s friends and his loved ones.



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